New Enzymatic Vitamin B6 Assay Is Available Now.

Today, reliable quantitation of vitamin status of a patient is done mainly with classical HPLC methods asking for time consuming and cumbersome sample precipitation and derivatization with highly toxic agents.

The new enzymatic vitamin B6 assay from BÜHLMANN offers highly comparable results with the advantage of batch-wise sample measurements within 45 minutes.

The assay employs a three reagent protocol and will be run on microtiter plates with the option of automation. A simple sample dilution step of the collected EDTA plasma is required before starting the assay.

Large surveys in the US (NHANES) showed that even in sections of population using regularly nutritional supplements a significant part shows low plasma PLP (vitamin B6) concentrations.

Low vitamin B6 status is associated with a large amount of very different diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive function, premenstrual syndrome etc.

Identified risk groups are individuals with impaired renal function, autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, malabsorbtive diseases like celiac disease, crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and people with alcohol dependence. Furthermore, sever interactions with medications are known for people using Cycloserine (tuberculosis antibiotic), antiepileptic medications like valproic acid and carbamacepin, and Theophylline used for treatment of asthmatic diseases.