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Enzymatic GHB Screening Assay With Improved Reagent Stability

The reagent on-board stability of the specific enzyme, GHB dehydrogenase, is significantly improved now. The enzyme is stable for 8 weeks even at storage temperature up to 15°C which is used in several clinical chemistry analyzers. In the last few years the amount of seizures of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) continuously increased. Besides the well described

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New Enzymatic Vitamin B6 Assay Is Available Now.

Today, reliable quantitation of vitamin status of a patient is done mainly with classical HPLC methods asking for time consuming and cumbersome sample precipitation and derivatization with highly toxic agents. The new enzymatic vitamin B6 assay from BÜHLMANN offers highly comparable results with the advantage of batch-wise sample measurements within 45 minutes. The assay employs

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