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Support BÜHLMANN Products

Marie-Christine Müller and Dr. Anders Hansson

Phone: +41 61 487 12 00
Scientific and technical support for all BÜHLMANN products

Application Support

Clara Alexandra Moniz

Scientific and technical application support BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo

Support MDx and 3rd Party Products Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Dr. Rebekka Mauser, Oliver Dreier and Nadja Besazza

Phone: +41 61 487 12 12
Application and product support for MDx and 3rd party products Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Technical Support MDx Products Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Stephan Ankli and Edouard Bracher

Phone: +41 61 487 98 00
Technical Support for MDx products Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Online Support

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