Anti-Adalimumab Antibodies

Over the past two decades great improvements in therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases have been made. The rise of anti TNFα biologics has been a significant step forward to ameliorating disease course and keep inflammations at remission levels for prolonged periods of time. Adalimumab is the first anti TNFα biologic on the market approved for patient self-administration by subcutaneous injections. Patients with suboptimal drug concentrations have worse outcomes than those with adequate drug levels.  Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for adalimumab has a great potential for the management of anti TNF therapy.

Patients with subtherapeutic or undetectable drug trough levels may exhibit the presence of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) which diminish the clinically beneficial effect of the drug. Fast detection of ADA supports guidance in the management of anti TNF therapy and allows for rapid adaptations in the treatment regime.

Quantum Blue® Anti-Adalimumab

The Quantum Blue® Anti-Adalimumab assay allows for reliable detection of antibodies against adalimumab within 15 min. Drug-sensitivity combined with ease of use and a short incubation time offers the fast and reliable measurement of free anti-drug antibodies. Quantum Blue® Adalimumab together with Quantum Blue® Anti-Adalimumab stands for the unique combination of drug level and anti-drug antibody rapid testing on the popular Quantum Blue® platform building a complete solution for state-of-the-art therapeutic drug monitoring.

Quantum Blue® Anti-Adalimumab Product Information 

Test Quantum Blue® Anti-Adalimumab
Order Code LF-ADAD25/LF-ADAD10
Time to Result 15 min
Sample Type Serum
Assay Type Drug-sensitive anti-drug antibody (ADA) assay with qualitative read out
Reader Compatibility Quantum Blue® Reader 3rd generation / Quantum Blue® Reader 2nd generation