Circulating Immune Complexes (CIC)

CICs result from the interaction between anti-bodies and immunogenic antigens. Soluble immune complexes, formed with a slight excess of antibody and antigen, can activate complement. CIC formation is considered a host defense mechanism against foreign antigens. Normally, phagocytosis clears CICs. If not cleared, CICs may be deposited in endothelial or vascular structures, triggering an inflammatory response and causing tissue damage. CICs are linked to various autoimmune conditions. Determination of CICs provides insights into several aspects of autoimmune disorders.

CIC Product  Information

Method ELISA
Time to Result 2 h
Sample volume and Sample Type 20 µl serum or plasma (1:50)
Standard Range 1-50 µg Eq/ml
Sensitivity < 1 µg Eq/ml
Order Code EK-CIC
Regulatory status CE according IVDD


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