Webinar: The Application of Data-Driven Approaches to Flow Cytometric Analysis of Basophil Activation Testing

Using Flow CAST® for the Development of a High Throughput, Objective Approach to Basophil Activation

Image credit: Sarita U. Patil et al. (full citation below)

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We have developed and implemented a new data-driven, programmatic approach to the analysis of flow cytometry data from basophil activation testing. While conventional data analysis of flow cytometric data requires repetitive, labor-intensive analysis that hampers efforts to standardize testing for clinical applications, our tool, based on an open-source platform, provides an alternative, more reproducible approach for data sharing, analysis, and clinical laboratory testing. In this webinar we will present our efforts to develop a novel data-driven flow cytometric platform for the analysis of clinical basophil activation testing, providing a high throughput, objective approach to basophil activation analysis.

Additional Information

The data presented in this webinar presentation is based on research cited from the publication:

Sarita U. Patil et al. Data-Driven Programmatic Approach to Analysis of Basophil Activation Tests Cytometry B Clin Cytom. 2017 Jun 15. doi: 10.1002/cyto.b.21537. PMID: 28618453.

In this Webinar You will Learn

  • The importance of  the measurement of antigen-induced basophil activation ex vivo
  • Why it’s time to rethink your gating strategy
  • How to overcome the challenges of  conventional data analysis of flow cytometry

About the Presenter


Dr. Sarita Patil  received her undergraduate degree at Stanford University, her MD from Duke University School of Medicine and then completed her Internal Medicine Residency at University of Pennsylvania and Allergy and Immunology fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she completed her post doctoral laboratory training with Dr. Wayne Shreffler.

She is currently an Instructor at Harvard Medical School, with a focus on the humoral response in food allergy immunotherapy. Her long-standing interest from her post doctoral training in computational approaches for scientific reproducibility has led to the development of a pipeline for flow cytometry basophil activation assay analysis. Her laboratory will focus on the humoral immune responses in allergic diseases and the modulation of effector cell responses, including basophil activation.