Seegene’s TOCE™ Technology : The New Paradigm For High Multiplex Real-time Quantitative PCR

High multiplex Real-time Quantitative PCR

TOCE™ (Tagging Oligonucleotide Cleavage Extension) is a robust, homogeneous, high multiplexing quantitative technology that overcomes many of the limitations of current real-time PCR. Based on Cyclic Catcher Melt Temperature Analysis (cyclic-CMTA), qTOCE™ is a novel application for high multiplex quantitation in a single tube on existing real-time platforms.

The profile of information generated by qTOCE™ can substantially accelerate informed healthcare decisions at a lower cost. As such, qTOCE™-based assays will cause a paradigm shift in molecular diagnostics, towards high content/high quality tests needed for optimal patient care.

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