Seegene’s HPV DNA assay proves its excellent performance in WHO global HPV LabNet study

The WHO HPV LabNet has developed an international proficiency panel for HPV DNA detection and genotyping, and organized annual proficiency studies since 2008.
It has been implemented study for HPV assays used in various laboratories, and in recent studies, total 119 laboratories participated in this study (2014 WHO HPV LabNet – Europe: 68 labs, Western Pacific: 25 labs, America: 14 labs, South East Asia: 8 labs, Africa: 3 labs, and Mediterranean: 1 lab).
In the result of 2014 WHO HPV LabNet proficiency study, Seegene’s HPV DNA assay (Anyplex™ II HPV28 Detection) exhibited excellent performance with 100% proficient result for HPV type detection from all participants, compared to other global companies.
Furthermore, as Seegene’s HPV DNA assay can detect up to 28 kinds of HPV genotypes individually including HPV16 and HPV18, it has been considered as the most suitable product for cervical cancer diagnosis and follow-up.

The result of this study was presented at the 30th International Papillomavirus Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal (Sep. 17-21, 2015).

* Percent proficient results of HPV types as claimed to be detected by test



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