New BÜHLMANN CAST® Allergens available!

We are pleased to announce the new 9 BÜHLMANN CAST® Allergens that will reinforce our commitment in the allergy diagnosis.

With this release we will strengthen our Hymenoptera venom portfolio with a new dedicated allergen for the European paper wasp, as well as we developed alpha-GAL, a highly standardized allergen to address the new recognized red meat allergy syndrome, and we launch a total new group of allergen for BAT testing dedicated to spices and food ingredients.

Insect Venoms –  European paper wasp

Due to increasing demand and the spreading of new species all over the globe, we launch a new Polistes dominula allergen, the BAG2-I77.

Food Allergy, Red Meat Allergy – alpha GAL

Allergy to mammal meat due to reactions to alpha GAL affects a growing number of the population. BÜHLMANN is now offering a defined molecule to test a functional response to this allergen in a safe blood test.

Food Allergy, Spices and Food ingredients – garlic, coconut, paprika, curry, chili, coriander, curcuma.

Within this new allergen group release, we have introduced a new food allergy category, the spices – we added new food ingredients like garlic to the vegetables and coconut to the nuts. With the introduction of this new food allergen group and a constant pipeline of new allergens in development, we are proud to cover with our portfolio almost all classes of food allergens by now

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Michele Romano

Product Manager Allergy