IBD and COVID-19

Because of the current situation with the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing the COVID-19 disease it is important to keep IBD patients out of clinics whenever possible. Nevertheless, tight monitoring of inflammation level in the gut is needed to deal with these chronic conditions. Calprotectin has proven to be an ideal non-invasive biomarker to monitor inflammatory bowel diseases. IBDoc®, a smartphone based application for fecal calprotectin testing at home, offers the perfect solution to keep patients out of clinics while still being able to monitor their disease. Click on the link below to read an overview on the benefits of calprotectin home testing.

Start using IBDoc® today

To help you get started quickly, we have a wide selection of information material, including online resources for remote training, to support Healthcare Professionals and patients when they start using IBDoc®. Several quick and easy IBDoc® portal tutorial videos exist to help Healthcare Professionals with the first steps of creating an account and setting up new users.

We renewed our information brochure for patients where they can find all necessary informations for the smartphone based fecal calprotectin home testing application. This should help the Healthcare Professionals to present IBDoc® to their patients.

Patient home test IBDoc® to prevent hospital visits

After 5 years of market presence long term data become available showing the ease of use of this smartphone-based application and the benefits for patients and clinics. Two excellent posters were presented by K.Sugrue and P. Avery at ECCO 2020 about how IBDoc® can impact patient`s disease management and how the home test can optimize the time management in clinics.

Stay safe and healthy!!!