First Quantum Blue® Infliximab Poster presented at ECCO 2016

At the ECCO IBD meeting 2016 in Amsterdam the first poster on the performance of the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab rapid test was presented, including data on high correlations to the Sanquin and Leuven  infliximab ELISA tests. The reaction from attendees was enthusiastic, and the application for a high quality quantitative rapid tool to measure infliximab trough levels in patient sera on site is now available.

The key conclusion of the poster are there following:

  •  • First rapid measurement for infliximab trough level for routine use
  •  • Highly specific for infliximab
  •  • Time to result 15 minutes
  •  • Cost effective
  •  • High correlation to Leuven and Sanquin ELISAs
  •  • No interference and no cross reactivity with other TNF alpha blockers


Have a look at the poster here