BÜHLMANN Poster from the EuroMedLab 2023

At EuroMedLab BÜHLMANN presentes the new poster!

“Recombinant calprotectin as a promising tool to harmonize MRP-8/MRP-14 immunoassays”

Calprotectin is an alarmin protein that can occur in different oligomeric states representing a challenge for standardization of immunoassays. A pure calprotectin material is necessary for calibrator material with well-defined oligomeric state.

Recombinant calprotectin with a defined oligomeric state using size exclusion chromatography and label-free differential scanning fluorimetry was produced and tested. This protein shows properties highly comparable to native calprotectin. Comparison with established immunoassays showed a perfect correlation (slope=1.009; R2=0.999).

The recombinant calprotectin protein is a promising tool to overcome the discrepant standardizations currently seen in the market.