BÜHLMANN announces new Microsite for Kinase Inhibition Assay

BÜHLMANN’s Kinase Inhibition Assay

Testing Potency and Efficacy of Inhibitors of PI3K δ, PI3K γ, BTK and SYK Activity

Biomarker assays are developed specifically for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodyamic (PK/PD) models during drug discovery and are often used to test efficacy and toxicity. Inhibitors of PI3K, BTK and SYKpathways are a large focus for pharmaceutical companies with several small molecule inhibitors currently at different stages of development. This process can present many challenges in trying to capture all the information about the entire signaling pathways controlled by these kinases due to the limitations of enzymatic assays. BÜHLMANN’s Kinase Inhibition Assay offers a quick and precise means to evaluate inhibitors of immune cell signaling pathway, using inhibition of basophil degranulation as a surrogate read out cell based system.

Flow CAST® Kinase Inhibition Assay:

Versatile and Robust: Solid Applications for Screening in vitro and ex vivo studies

Best Standardized Reagents for Basophil Activation: Optimized Stimulation Buffer, Specific Activators, and Accurate Quantification

World-Class Support: Gold Standard Publications, Excellent Scientific/Technical Customer Support

QUICK: 30 minutes to quantified Basophil Activation inhibition.

BUHLMANN’s Kinaseinhibitionassays.com provides dynamic overview with insights on overcoming limitations in drug development, using basophils as biomarker and Flow CAST® as your tool of choice.