Testing Potency and Efficacy of Inhibitors of PI3K δ/γ, BTK and SYK Activity

Join BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG and BUHLMANN Diagnostics Corp (BDC)

Tuesday April 19, 2016 11:00AM EST/ 8:00AM PST/ 5:00PM CET

Inhibitors of PI3K and BTK pathways are a large focus for pharmaceutical companies with several small molecule inhibitors currently at different stages of development. Enzymatic assays to measure the direct activity of compounds are available in the market with the limitation to not have information of the effect on the whole pathway controlled by these kinases.

With Flow CAST® we overcome this limitation, offering a robust assay to evaluate the functional effects on a cell target.

In this interesting webcast with Michele Romano, PhD, Product Manager at BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, you will learn about:

•  Using basophils as surrogate markers for testing compounds in development

•  Targeting the PI3K/BTK pathway in cancer

•  Understanding the role and the opportunities of the immune cell signaling in basophils

•  The Flow CAST® approach in testing the activity of kinases inhibitors

We will also share various field studies on Flow CAST® adaptation to high throughput screening and we will share a variety of publications.


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