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Enzymatic GHB Screening Assay With Improved Reagent Stability

The reagent on-board stability of the specific enzyme, GHB dehydrogenase, is significantly improved now. The enzyme is stable for 8 weeks even at storage temperature up to 15°C which is used in several clinical chemistry analyzers. In the last few years the amount of seizures of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) continuously increased. Besides the well described

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GHB – Drug Of Abuse Screening

Determination of GHB (liquid Ecstasy) in human samples was a challenge until today. Expensive and laborious chromatographic methods did not allow the prompt determination of suspicious samples. The BÜHLMANN GHB enzymatic assay will give the toxicology laboratories a quick, easy and cost efficient screening tool to investigate even samples with lower suspicion. The GHB enzymatic assay

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New Era In Ghb Quantification In Toxicology

BÜHLMANN announces the coming release of an automated enzymatic assay for quantitative measurement of urine and serum GHB. The assay will allow a direct and easy quantification of exogenous intake of GHB within 10 minutes.

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