Comparison of the Liaison® Calprotectin Kit with a Well-Established Point of Care Test (Quantum Blue — Bühlmann-Alere®) in Terms of Analytical Performances and Ability to Detect Relapses Amongst a Crohn Population in Follow-up

Quantum Blue® Calprotectin Citation:

Delefortrie, Q. Schatt P, Grimmelprez A, Gohy P, Deltour D, Collard G, Vankerkhoven P. Comparison of the Liaison® Calprotectin kit with a well-established point of care test (Quantum Blue — Bühlmann-Alere®) in terms of analytical performances and ability to detect relapses amongst a Crohn population in follow-up, Clinical Biochemistry. 2016 Feb;49(3):268-73. doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2015.10.010

“The Quantum Blue® was able to detect all the patients at relapse (sensitivity = 100%)…The two extraction methods used with the Liaison® analyzer also had reasonable sensitivities (87.5% for both of them)…”