News from the UEG Week 2019

High Comparability of Quantum Blue® TDM to the HMSA Gold Standard Method

The poster by Bodini G. et al. shows a very high comparability of Quantum Blue® Infliximab and Adalimumab to the Homogeneous Mobility Shift Assay (HMSA). Both methods are able to effectively differentiate relapse and remission in IBD patients. The results prove the reliability of Quantum Blue® TDM rapid testing compared to the gold standard HMSA.

Real world use of fecal calprotectin home testing using IBDoc®

The group around Orfanoudaki E. underlined the importance of fecal calprotectin home testing for patients under maintenance treatment with adalimumab using IBDoc®. Furthermore, they found a very high patients’ compliance rate of 87.5%, demonstrating the ease of use of IBDoc®.