Poster Prize At EAACI 2014

Research group around Prof. Dr. Arthur Helbling from the University Hospital in Bern wins this year’s Poster Prize at EAACI 2014 in Copenhagen

At the EAACI 2014 the poster presented by Dr. med. Oliver Hausmann from the Department of Rheumatology at the University Hospital of Bern presented a poster with the title:

“Correlation of sting challenge outcome and change in EC50 in basophil activation test (BAT) in bee venom allergic patients after 2-5 years of venom immunotherapy(Poster)

Using the BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® kit the group was able to measure the efficacy of bee venom immunotherapy (VIT) in 26 patients. The BÜHLMANN Basophile Activation Test reached a sensitivity of 100% with a specificity of 87% and the authors concluded:

“BAT with bee venom conc.range (EC50) may be a valuable predictive tool for the success of VIT, especially in situations when sting challenges with living insects are not feasible”

The poster will be discussed at the 10th „Arbeitsgespräch Insektengiftallergie“ from June 27thto 28th in Fulda.