IBDoc® in French TV

Allô Docteurs is a French medical TV show, covering new topics every day to help patients dealing with their disease. On the 3rd of February 2020, the show was about “living with IBD”.

A 3 minute story was presented on how healthcare professionals and patients are using IBDoc®, the fecal calprotectin home test, to improve their control over the disease.

On the healthcare professional side, IBDoc® is used to monitor fecal calprotectin closely. If the result is high, the patient is followed-up and measures are taken as soon as possible to prevent a relapse.

On the patient side, IBDoc® is deemed helpful to improve the quality of life. Indeed, patients are no longer needed to go to the hospital as long as their fecal calprotectin levels are normal. IBDoc® allows them to be more autonomous and saves them time.