BÜHLMANN Back to School Program

Our TDM and IBD calprotectin „BACK TO SCHOOL“ Programme:

Our class schedule includes our BÜHLMANN review of the last ECCO meeting.

Find our video on ECCO Barcelona 2017, live poster presentations on IBDoc® home calprotectin patient tests with use of smartphones from Belgium and the Netherlands, and Quantum Blue® rapid Infliximab tests to detect CT-P13 biosimilars and Quantum Blue® rapid detection of adalimumab.

Follow these links to the posters:

Usability of a Home-Based Test for the Measurement of Fecal Calprotectin in Asymptomatic IBD Patients Digestive and Liver Disease

Agreement Between Home-based Measurement of Stool Calprotectin and ELISA Results for Monitoring Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity

The new infliximab point-of-care quantitative test can equally be used for therapeutic drug monitoring of biosimilars of infliximab

Quantum Blue® Adalimumab: Development of the first point of care rapid test for therapeutic drug monitoring of serum adalimumab levels