BÜHLMANN at UEGW 2018 in Vienna

Thank you for visiting the BÜHLMANN booth at the United European Gastroenterology Week 2018 (UEGW 2018) in Vienna! Apart from experiencing outstanding interest for the BÜHLMANN Calprotectin and TDM products by the attendees, we got insights into the latest innovations in IBD treatment and monitoring as well as into new biologics and biosimilar developments. Due to this therapeutic focus, the Quantum Blue® rapid test portfolio including calprotectin and the TDM solutions Quantum Blue® Infliximab and Quantum Blue® Adalimumab were a hot topic during our conversations with clinicians and were also presented in the poster exhibitions. Furthermore, our IBDoc® home testing application excelled yet again as the method of choice for reliable and convenient remote monitoring of IBD patients.

Outstanding Posters at UEGW 2018

Also this year we are pleased to present a selection of outstanding posters from international research groups working with BÜHLMANN products.

Lindsjø I. et al., 2018, Patient-near Adalimumab trough-level testing by a novel quantitative rapid test: The Quantum Blue Adalimumab assay, UEGW 2018

Røseth A., Lindsjø I. et al. compared the CE- marked Point of Care (POC) trough level rapid test using the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Reader with an established laboratory test performed by Norwegian physicians.

  • Close correlation between the Quantum Blue® Adalimumab rapid test to the established laboratory test
  • High robustness of the POC test since a nurse can accurately perform it
  • TDM can now be performed in a near patient facility without any significant delay

Afonso J. et al., 2018, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Adalimumab: a comparative study of a new point-of-care quantitative test with three established ELISA assays, UEGW 2018

Magro F., Afonso J. et al. showed the high comparability of the Quantum Blue® Adalimumab test to commonly used laboratory ELISAs and pointed out the advantages of rapid adalimumab quantification.

  • Quantum Blue® Adalimumab is able to deliver reliable results in 15 min
  • It can be safely used to replace the commonly used ELISA-based kits
  • Perfect for immediate concentration adjusted dosing avoiding delays