Recent Publications On BÜHLMANN Calprotectin Assays

Three very interesting new papers have been published recently. Manz et al. describes the quality and usefulness of the BÜHLMANN calprotectin ELISA in an observational study to screen for organic vs. non-organic gut disease, which very impressively reflects the daily practice of screening unknown patients with abdominal discomfort. A real time, real life situation reflected.

Another brand new paper by Richard Fedorak in Alberta Canada, describes the use of BÜHLMANN ELISA and of Quantum Blue Rapid Test to distinguish IBD from IBS as well. The clear cut message here is that the Quantum Blue, just like the ELISA are very efficient and useful to do this job.

Finally in Clinical Biochemistry, Mirja Mindermark and Anders Larsson show the general health economic benefit of performing calprotectin assays as pre endoscopic screening, here with the BÜHLMANN ELISA. The take home message is, that by routinely performing calprotectin testing the number of endoscopies can be reduced to those really necessary ones and together with that the costs for health care providers significantly drop.