Quantum Blue® Anti-Infliximab (CE marked) available now for clinical routine use!

Over the past two decades great improvements in therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases have been made. The rise of TNFα biologics like infliximab has been a significant step forward to ameliorating disease course and keeping inflammations at remission levels for prolonged periods of time. Patients with too low drug concentrations have worse outcomes than those with adequate drug levels. Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for infliximab is an important tool for the management of anti TNF therapy.

Patients with undetectable infliximab trough levels may exhibit the presence of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) which can block the effect of the drug. Fast detection of ADA supports guidance in the management of anti TNF therapy for rapid adaptations in the treatment regime.

BÜHLMANN is pleased to announce the addition of Quantum Blue® Anti-Infliximab (CE IVD) to the TDM rapid test portfolio.