Neuroimmunology Update

Different antibodies targeting gangliosides, SGPG (glycosphingolipids) and MAG glycoproteins cause neurological disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Some of these antibodies are relevant for diagnosis of specific peripheral neuropathies. BÜHLMANN has been at the forefront of neuroimmunology test development and was one of the first companies which made anti-ganglioside, -MAG and -SGPG antibody IVD tests commercially available.

Over time, our anti-ganglioside and -MAG antibody tests were adapted to the specific requirements of diagnostic laboratories. BÜHLMANN Neuroimmunology IVD tests have been used in over 80 clinical and scientific publications in the top field of clinical research. The references cover the broad range from the first description of anti-GM1 antibodies in Motor Neuron Disease to the most recent interests of anti-ganglioside antibodies in Guillain-Barré syndrome in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. This large amount of references emphasizes the clinical use of BÜHLMANN assays, leading to their excellent documentation among IVD tests worldwide.

anti-MAG antibody ELISA

The quantitative anti-MAG antibody ELISA is referred to as gold standard by many neurologists and laboratories for reliable quantification of anti-MAG antibodies in immune-mediated demyelinating neuropathies. It is the only IVD assay based on human brain antigen.

„Most frequently used as well as valid and robust commercial anti-MAG (IgM) antibody assay.“
(Vallat J.-M. et al,. 2020; Liberatore G. et al., 2020)

„Excellent sensitivity (97.5%) thus enabling to detect low levels of anti-MAG antibodies, which are negative in other tests.“
(Jaskowsky T. el al., 2007; Kuijf M. et al., 2009)

„High titers of IgM anti-MAG antibodies confirm the diagnosis of monoclonal IgM anti-MAG associated peripheral neuropathies. “
(Kuijf M. et al., 2009; Pihan M. et al., 2012)


The BÜHLMANN GanglioCombiTM MAG ELISA is the only multiparametric IVD ELISA test for the clinically relevant determination of anti-MAG- and -ganglioside antibodies from the same serum sample.

in comparison with clinical diagnosis:
„…best expected positivity, best matching results, fewest misdiagnosis, unrivaled sensitivity. “
(Chalah M. A. et al., 2016)

„…is the state-of-the art ELISA assay to obtain reliable anti-ganglioside IgG and IgM antibody results.“
(Kollewe K. et al., 2015)

„…Anti-GQ1b IgG antibodies measured by BÜHLMANN GanglioCombiTM MAG ELISA are highly specific for Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS).”
(Spatola M. et al., 2016)

„…Anti-HNK1 IgM antibodies have good sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of anti-MAG neuropathy.”
(Delmont E. et al., 2019)

anti-SGPG antibody ELISA

The anti-SGPG antibody ELISA enhances the chance to detect all IgM-related neuropathies and is the only anti-SGPG CE-marked assay for IVD worldwide.

“ … is a very reliable commercially available IVD test with no technical difficulties ”.
(Caudie C. et al., 2007; Kuijf M et al., 2009)

“ … has excellent sensitivity and specificity (both 98%)”.
(Caudie C. et al., 2007; Kuijf M et al., 2009)

“ … anti-SGPG titers have practical implications for both, management and follow-up of neuropathies treated with rituximab”.
(Caudie C. et al., 2007; Kuijf M et al., 2009)

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