Four new BÜHLMANN products in 2020!

We are very proud that we could present you four new products for our assay portfolio during this year. With the turbidimetric immunoassay BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo we offer the ideal solution for measuring fecal pancreatic elastase for high throughput applications.

The CALEX® Cap Collection Set, containing the CALEX® Cap extraction device for fast and efficient extraction of fecal pancreatic elastase and calprotectin at home, outsources stool extraction to the patient`s home.

With the new 3rd generation Quantum Blue® Reader we present you the new state-of-the-art lateral flow reader for in vitro lateral flow assays. The Quantum Blue® product line makes immediate measurements of fecal calprotectin, and therapeutic drug level monitoring possible, including our new rapid test Quantum Blue® Anti-Infliximab for measuring anti-infliximab antibodies in human serum.


The turbidimetric immunoassay BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo is a flexible solution to be applied on most clinical chemistry analyzers. Its technology is a milestone in automation of pancreatic elastase quantification. Measuring of fecal pancreatic elastase is the most commonly used indirect test for exocrine pancreatic function. The BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo allows for very rapid and flexible random access use, as well as being the ideal solution for high throughput applications in the routine laboratory. It reduces the hands-on time dramatically, thus enables reporting pancreatic elastase results from human stool samples within shortest time.

The CALEX® Cap extraction device allows using the same fecal extract to quantify both analytes at the same time and therefore reduces the workload for fecal testing in the modern automated laboratory.

CALEX® Cap Collection Set

The CALEX® Cap Collection Set is a simple to use patient kit which enables to outsource stool extraction for fecal calprotectin and pancreatic elastase to the patient’s home. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic it is important to protect lab personnel from infectious agents in stool, as well as preventing patients having to bring stool samples to labs or clinics. The CALEX® Cap extraction device allows for convenient and safe extraction of fecal calprotectin and pancreatic elastase at home. It contains viricide and bactericide components and can be safely sent to lab collection sites and hospitals for further logistics and analysis. Therefore, only extracted material enters the lab.

The CALEX® Cap collection set in combination with BÜHLMANN immunoassays guarantees improved safety for lab technicians, immensely increased workflow speed and minimizes hands-on time by skipping handling of raw stool and finally means significant cost savings for the laboratory.

Quantum Blue® Anti-Infliximab

The rise of TNFα biologics like infliximab in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases has been a significant step for patients handling their chronic conditions by keeping inflammations in remission for prolonged periods of time. Patients with too low drug concentrations have worse outcomes compared to those with adequate drug levels. Therefore, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for infliximab is an important tool for the management of anti TNF therapy.

Undetectable infliximab trough levels in patients may be caused by the presence of anti-drug antibodies (ADA). These can block the effect of the drug. The drug-sensitive Quantum Blue® Anti-Infliximab assay allows for a highly specific detection of antibodies against infliximab in human serum within 15 min. The ease of use and a short incubation time makes fast and reliable qualitative measurement of free anti-drug antibodies against the biologic drug possible. The combination of the antibody test with the Quantum Blue® Infliximab drug level rapid test offers a complete solution for state-of-the-art therapeutic drug monitoring of chronic inflammatory diseases.

New Quantum Blue® Reader

The Quantum Blue® Reader is a compact and easy to use dedicated reader for in vitro lateral flow assays. BÜHLMANN launched the first generation of the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Reader over 10 years ago and presents now the new 3rd generation Quantum Blue® Reader. The state-of-the-art lateral flow reader now offers a touch screen display together with an intuitive user interface allowing a quick navigation and easy step-by-step tutorial screens. The camera-based reading technology increases robustness of result analysis even more than the previous Quantum Blue® Readers. The Lot specific calibration curve and other parameters are uploaded via a barcode card directly by the system camera. Connectivity of the reader via ethernet port enables connecting the device to laboratory and hospital information systems. The Quantum Blue® product line provides the immediate measurement of fecal calprotectin and therapeutic drug level monitoring. It is an ideal tool in a Point of Care setting, and the comprehensive tool for diagnosis and monitoring.