Oncology and Hematology

EntroGen’s mutation analysis kits are Real-time PCR based assays that use mutant-specific probes to identify the presence of mutations.
The testing procedure involves three (3) simple steps, which can be completed in approximately 2 hours from DNA/RNA to test results:
– Isolation of DNA/RNA
– PCR setup with reagents included in the kit.
– (OneStep RT reaction for RNA samples), amplification and detection using a Real-time PCR instrument.

EntroGen kits by Disease

Most EntroGen kits are CE-IVD marked.

Breast Cancer

Colorectal Cancer
K-Ras Mutation Analysis Kit KRAS-RT50
K-Ras/B-Raf Mutation Analysis Kit KRBR-RT50
NRAS Mutation Analysis Kit NRAS-RT50
Ras Mutation Screening Panel RAS-RT50
Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Panel CRC-RT48
COMING SOON: Cell-free RAS Mutation Detection Kit CTRAS-48

Genotyping Kits
UGT1A1 Genotyping Kit UGT-RT50

GIST Mutation Screening Panel GIST-RT44

BCR-ABL P190 (mbcr) One-Step Detection Kit BCR190-QRT46
BCR-ABL P210 (Mbcr) One-Step Detection Kit BCR210-QRT46
Leukemia Translocation Panel LEUKMP-RT24
AML1-ETO One-Step Detection Kit LEUK1-QRT24
E2A-PBX1 One-Step Detection Kit LEUK2-QRT24
MLL-AF4 One-Step Detection Kit LEUK3-QRT24
PML-RARA bcr1, bcr2, bcr3 One-Step Kit LEUK4-QRT24
TEL-AML1 One-Step Detection Kit LEUK5-QRT24
CBFb-MYH11 One-Step Detection Kit LEUK6-QRT24

Lung Cancer
EGFR Mutation Analysis Kit EGFR-RT52
EML4-ALK Fusion Gene Detection Kit ALKFG-RT46
Cell-Free EGFR Mutation Detection Kit CTEGFR-48
Coming soon: Lung Cancer Fusion Gene Panel (ALK, RET, ROS1) LUNG-RT48

B-Raf Mutation Analysis Kit II BRAFX-RT64
NRAS Mutation Analysis Kit NRAS-RT50
C-kit Mutation Detection Kit CKIT-RT44
Cell-Free BRAF Mutation Detection Kit CTBRAF-48

Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer Fusion Gene Detection Kit THRNA-RT32
Thyroid Cancer Mutation Detection Kit THDNA-RT64

Sample Quality Assessment
Internal Quality Control Assay IQCA-RT50
DNA Fragmentation Quantification Assay FQA-RT40
Library Quantification Kit for Illumina® LIBQ-NGS

MGMT Methylation Detection Kit MGMT-RT36
IDH1/2 Mutation Detection Kit IDH-RT36
EGFR VIII Detection Kit EGFRV3-RT36