CALEX® Cap Collection Set Case Study from Monklands Hospital, Scotland

Fecal calprotectin has been established as a routine inflammation marker for gastroenterological diagnosis and monitoring in the last years. Consequently, the number of requests significantly increased quarter by quarter. The resulting additional need for automation in the laboratory workflow could be met by the introduction of the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo assay.

The major bottleneck in the laboratory workflow today is mainly caused by the rather cumbersome extraction step. Although most laboratories switched from the original manual weighing method to using a quantitative extraction device, the workload is still high and can cause delays in result reporting.

The ideal solution to circumvent this challenge would be to outsource the sampling from the lab to the patient’s home.  BÜHLMANN offers such a solution with the CALEX® Cap Collection Set. The easy to use CALEX® Cap can be brought to the patient’s home or to decentralized sample collection sites.

Several laboratories around Europe already started to implement patient collection within their system. One such application from Scotland has been reported recently by our UK partner, Alpha Laboratories: